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HOWO T7H Series-New Generation Heavy-duty Trucks

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HOWO T series, the new generation products of high safety, reliability and economy, is manufactured by SINOTRUK by introducing the German MAN technology, manufacturing equipment and factory inspection standards and combining with Chinese unique situation the over 50 years' experience in manufacturing heavy-duty trucks.

MC11 Engine:

MC11, a kind of engine localized from the world top-class MAN engine, boasts a displacement of 10.518L and features excellent structure, low speed and high torque, high reliability, low failure rate and high cost performance, with its maximum power up to China III 430 PS(or China IV 440PS). MC11 series engine also leads the whole country in applying the internationally advanced vermicular graphite cast irons; thus, the engine will not get deformed even after running for 1000000km. The main bearing and connecting rod used in the engine are manufactured by the internationally advanced cracking technology, which, on one hands, helps to realize high-precision positioning, lower bearing bush wear and longer service life of engine; on the other hands, makes the engine lighter as the traditional crankcase is no longer needed. For the fuel supply system, the BOSCH high-pressure common-rail system is applied to deliver the Mobile Delvac XHP super 10W-40 special diesel oil, thanks to which, the initial engine oil change interval for T7H road vehicle is up to 60000km. To our credits, such typical designs of water duct, fuel duct and intake manifold adopted for the MC11 cylinder block fundamentally eliminate the water leakage and fuel leakage between cylinder block and cylinder head as well as the air leakage at the intake manifold; specifically speaking, both cylinder block and cylinder head are featured with independent cooling water circuit and lubricating oil circuit, but between them, the water and oil ducts are also provided, completely eradiating the risk of water and oil leakage between them. The MC11 engine enjoys a B10 life of 1500000km, keeping up with the internationally advanced level. In addition to that, the engine boasts an extremely wide low-torque range at low fuel consumption, allowing the engine to run with low fuel consumption both at low speed and high speed and thus effectively reducing the fuel consumption, more accurately, the minimum fuel consumption of MC11 engine is 186g/KW. h, which is 10g(more than 5%)lower than the conventional engines currently used in China.

Parameter Configuration
Ver. Ver.1 (standard load) Ver.5 (heavy load)
Cab Middle/high roof Middle/high roof
Steering Gear ZF8098  ZF8098 
Emission Strandard China III China IV
Engine model and horsepower MC11 310 MC11 350 MC11 390 MC11 430 MC11 320 MC11 360 MC11 400 MC11 440
Clutch Diaphragm clutch / WABCO control system
Transmission HW19712L/HW19712CL HW19712/HW23710
Rear Axle MCY13Q AC16 (Optional HW16)
Frame MAN frame Reinforced frame
Suspension system Front/rear less-leaf spring suspension(optional ordinary leaf spring suspension and HUV rubber suspension as rear suspension) Reinforced frame
Tyre 295/80R22.5 12.00R20
A/C 4th generation A/C
Others Fleet management system; 4-gear energy saving switch(not for AMT model); EVB (exhaust valve brake); 90 adamantine saddle etc. Key parts are provided by the international top supplier. For example, WABCO air compressor valves; German VOSS brake fittings; MANN+HUMMEL fuel filter system, air filter; VDO instrument and electric device control module, German BEHR intercooler water tank; German TMD disc brake friction block.

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