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SITRAK series was designed, prepared, mass-manufactured and released based on MAN's design, production line and process, under the principle of quality orientation set by Sinotruk and MAN.

Major assemblies:

1. Cab. With MAN'S TGA cab body, the cab is spacious, robust and streamlined, and up to ECE R29 European truck cab strength standard. Thanks to state-fo the art technology, this cab can compare with the car cab regarding ride comfort, and provide you the intelligent and safe drive and ride experience with the help of the intelligent information navigation system.

2. Engine: SINOTRUK exclusively introduces the world's most advanced MC11(localized MAN D20) electronic control high-pressure common-rail engine. The vermicular graphite iron body has an ultra strong deformation resistance; the fuel injection system, a new generation Bosch product, has low specific fuel consumption of 186 kg/kw.h; the parts are highly integrated, and save the quantity of parts by 25 percent over similar engine in the world, reducing fault points greatly; the long B10 life of 1500000 km is up to the world most advanced standard for engines of heavy-duty trucks, the oil change interval of 60000 km reduces vehicle cost substantially.

 3.Transmission. ZF16S 16-speed transmission is adopted. Equipped with overgear. It features high first-gear speed ratio, light weight, good maneuverability, high efficiency, energy conservation and fuel saving and high economy, as well as a B10 life of 1000000km.

4. Axle. MAN'S MCY13 drive axle, a new-generation single reduction drive axle, is supplied with the *** maintenance-free bearing unit as standard configuration. The brake shoe clearance is adjusted automatically and free of maintenance, and the lubrication system is equipped with an oil filter. With a B10 life of 1000000km, the axle features high transmission efficiency,low noise and prominent oil conservation.

With products positioned to satisfy domestic customers' demands for substitutes for imported heavy-duty trucks and efforts made to comprehensively meet the rigorous requirements of domestic premium logistics for continuous and efficient operations through failure-free operations of top German quality. In the future, SITRAK is bound to bring a win-win mode of efficient and safe operations for domestic premium logistics customers.